Group Activities

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Personalised Support Services offer group activities that promote socialisation amongst the participants of the NDIS plan. These activities can be in the form of staff facilitated or a self-directed one for capacity building. We encourage the participants to undertake activities independently within the space. The participants have the choice of facilitated workshops or individual group activities or a combination of both. All of these are participant-directed, and the participants can use their imagination to augment their experience and learning. 

Consider it as a form of group-based support that assists the participants in their daily life. 

What are group activities?

These are specifically designed for people with mental or psychological disability to help them with their day-to-day lives. We at Personalised Support Services help you build connections and gain community involvement and eventually live a life as independent as possible. 

Our support is also available for the participants to manage and coordinate their NDIS package through the support coordination service. 

These group activities may include:

  1. All activities contribute to life skills development like cooking, personal care, hygiene, gardening, grocery shopping, household tasks etc. 
  2. Improving the participants’ overall health and well-being through awareness and education, walks, swimming, yoga, meditation, group fitness activities, and more. 
  3. Learning ability specific to literacy and numeracy is through tailored programs that include money handling, budgeting, writing and reading skills. 
  4. Recreational activities like dance, music, art, craft, picnics and ten pin bowling. 
  5. For instance, community access includes music works, library, community events, shopping, museums, art gallery, etc. 

Participants get involved in both community and centre-based activities and are often encouraged to contribute to the planning activities. These programs intend to facilitate learning opportunities. As an outcome, the participants undergo life skill development and tend to explore their interests as well. 

We at Personalised Support Services assist in the participation of the group-based community, social and recreational activities. These activities are available at the centre on all days of the week. 

We welcome all participants to actively and independently participate in group activities to enhance skills and learn new ones. 

At Personalised Support Services, we have a computer room, library, TV and Movies room, electronic and board games, art and craft area and social meals area. We have the facilities and the abilities to meet the participant’s requirements in the best possible way. 

Furthermore, we give you the flexibility to choose the group activities/services that best meet your needs and life goals as specified in the NDIS plan.