Household Tasks

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Often the participants come across situations in which they are unable to perform household tasks. We at Personalised Support Services step in to ensure that their life runs smoothly. Our team coordinate all tasks like meal preparation, yard work, cleaning, laundry, home repairs and more. Moreover, if the need arises, we can also help with the participants’ tenancy agreement. 

Whenever it is reasonable and necessary NDIS will provide funds for assistance with household tasks. These may be:

  • Housecleaning and related tasks
  • Assistance with meals, from planning, preparation and cooking.
  • Ready to eat, delivered meals
  • Caring for dependents
  • Yard and minor home maintenance
  • Assistance with specialised equipment for household tasks
  • Training or courses in domestic tasks
  • Training and skills development in domestic tasks

For household tasks, NDIS will provide the support that covers either of the two different approaches:

  1. Supports that aim to build participants’ ability or skills related to doing household tasks independently or actively participate in these tasks. It may include relation to past roles, functions, and new functional skills and parts relevant to their life stages.
  2. Supports that assist the participants when they are not able to undertake these tasks. House cleaning garden and house maintenance are typical examples.

Reasonable and necessary supports

Factors that determine which support to be considered as both reasonable and necessary include

  1. The extent to which these supports maximise independence and functional skills
  2. Appropriate in regards to the participant’s circumstances and age
  3. Whether alternative arrangements or supports can meet the participant’s requirements

We at Personalised Support Service have the expertise and the experience to provide you with assistance with household tasks. Our trained support workers will bring convenience to your daily life and erase all the challenges related to it.

We bring independence and happiness to your lives with a range of services that maintain your ability while increasing the capacity to undertake household tasks with greater independence.

We start by discussing participants’ individual needs and goals within their home and design a service that delivers the most appropriate support.

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