Information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme


NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provides financial support to people (Participants) who faces challenges with everyday life activities due to a disability. 

As an NDIS service provider, we are here to support you. We identify the challenges you’re facing and provide the support you need to achieve your goals whether it’s independence, community participation, skills development, well-being or employment.

Who can receive support from the NDIS?

The NDIS offers support to eligible people who have any form of disability. It can be intellectual, physical, cognitive, psychological or sensory. The feature of early intervention is inbuilt to ensure that the children benefit from it. 

Above all, all Australians who have their child or anyone in the family suffering from significant and permanent disability, are assured of support under this scheme. However, it should not be considered as a welfare scheme. It is merely aimed at helping people with the support they need for improving their life skills overtime. 


Supports and services: These may be any form of product or assistance that will support the person in gaining independence in their daily lives. It will also enhance their ability to participate in community activities and move closer towards their life goals. 

Permanent and significant disability refers to a disability that is lifelong and has a substantial effect in accomplishing lifelong activities. Together these two aspects contribute to the NDIS classification on permanent and significant disability. 

Early intervention: Here, support is offered to an adult or a child, at an early stage for reducing the impact of disability or any form of developmental delay. It also has the objective of adding to their skills and achieving independence in their daily lives. 

Consider NDIS as funded support that has a lifelong perspective and gives the participants access to control, choice over the supports that they will receive. 

We at Personalised Support Services work towards enriching the participants’ lives by actively building skills and capabilities through timely and efficient support.

Talk to us to know how you can maximise your gains from the NDIS plan.