About Us

Welcome to Personalised Support Services. Responsive to the participants’ varied needs, we thrive on strong work ethics and higher service standards. With a thorough understanding of the participants’ physical, mental and emotional support requirements, we work towards bringing a positive change in their lives.

We are agile in our approach and bring a personal touch to the services we offer. Our client-focused management is well augmented by a compassionate and experienced, compassionate team that knows how to excel in the everyday tasks they perform.

We consider our participants as individuals with unique personalities who deserve excellent care and support – as and when needed. Furthermore, our round the clock helpline helps when you need it the most and responsive enough to act on the feedback.

Our commitment is to help our clients by providing access to a wide range of exceptional services – all that revolves around your needs. We are thoughtful in our approach, and our efforts ensure that our support makes you feel confident and comfortable at all times. Even the minutest concern of your matters, we ensure that all your requirements are met satisfactorily.

We ensure you retain your dignity and independence and remain happy ever.  


To empower people with our exceptional services, taking them closer to their dreams, goals and aspirations. Our customised, innovative, flexible support services will improve the participants’ lifestyle, learning, and growth opportunities.


To emerge as an organisation of choice and excellence, helping people with disability to shape their lives, gain independence and happiness. We will create fulfilling opportunities for individuals and communities consistently.


Our core values include empathy, respect and excellence that breaks down barriers of individual goals and aspirations. We will provide a fair and safe working environment for our staff by promoting a diverse community through a welcoming environment.