Meet Sara

My name is Sara and I started with PSS since day one that they established. So yeah, I’ve been here for a while now, close to 2 years.

I heard about PSS through our community and our community leaders who I knew before PSS established, because they were working in a different sector as well. So that’s how I got to get introduced to them.

I see this as a rewarding career, as a rewarding job, vital role for helping vulnerable individuals, to help them with their daily tasks and just physically, emotionally, and intellectually. I think that’s a rewarding position and role in my perspective.

But initially, I thought of working for NDIS as to get more experience for my career that I’m thinking of doing in the future, that’s occupational therapy. So this was a very good role for me and experience to get in the industry and learn if I want to do this in the future or not.

But as the time passed on, I realized that I am feeling very comfortable in this job. It’s very fulfilling, It’s very compassionate. Like I feel very happy helping my clients. We are really more like a family, not working for each other. So, I feel very comfortable with everyone, in the office, with the clients and everyone.

So yeah, it’s been a very amazing journey, just like a family. It’s the biggest reward, rewarding job you could do. Helping others makes you feel so much better about yourself. You just go after your shift, go home, you go to sleep with a peace of mind that you did an amazing job today. So, I think if you want that, go for it.

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