Our Community

At Personalised Support Services, we believe in the power of community and deeply value community impact and involvement. Our commitment goes beyond individual support as we strive to make meaningful impacts in local communities. Through inclusive events, collaborative projects, active volunteering and cultural showcases, we strengthen our bonds within local communities to ensure our participants receive the best possible choices and work with the right support networks.


Explore our community initiatives through these longer videos, showcasing our impactful work and community engagement.
SuperCar Surprise - Ali
SuperCar Surprise - Yusuf
PSS Eid Party 2024
Super Cars & Super Humans
Mr. Heidari Life Story
Melbourne Disability Expo - Platinum Sponsor
Dari Podcast - Ep 1
Dari Podcast - Ep 2
Dari Podcast - Ep 3
PSS x SEL Partnership - Dari
PSS x SEL Partnership - Pashto
PSS Sponsorship with Afghan Media
PSS Care Connect - Intro (Dari)


Check out our short videos and reels to see quick highlights of our community initiatives and engagement.