Who Needs An NDIS Worker Screening Check And How To Apply?

What Is An NDIS Worker Screening Check?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a program by the Australian government starting in 2020; it helps people with health conditions and permanent impairments lead independent lives every day. From February 2021, NDIS requires its employees in risk assessed roles to have the NDIS worker screening check. Working without this check is considered an offence and earns a penalty.

When Is It Mandatory?

An NDIS worker screening check is mandatory for all workers who engage in any risk-assessed role for a registered NDIS provider. The employer will determine whether your role is risk assessed or not and if you are a self-employed NDIS provider, you will need to determine yourself if your role is risk assessed; you will need to get the NDIS worker screening check.


NDIS worker screening check is not mandatory if the employer only has incidental contact with the NDIS participant or if they are self-managed and unregistered NDIS service providers. It is not compulsory in these cases. However, getting the NDIS worker screening check is still better to make your business more trustworthy and professional. High school students also don’t need the worker screening check to engage in risk-assessed roles. However, they need to be supervised by another registered NDIS provider who has the worker screening check. Other than these cases, all the employees under NDIS must have a worker screening check to avoid penalties.

How To Apply For The NDIS Worker Screening Check?

To apply for the NDIS worker screening check, you need to fill out the application online. It is available on DoTDirect. You need to login and register on the portal; after logging in, select NDIS in the top toolbar and start filling out the application. Once you fill out and submit the application online, you will need to visit the Department of Transport Driver and Vehicle Service Centre to complete the application process.

What Do I Need To Apply?

To complete your application, you will need the following things;


  1. NDIS Employer ID Number: You need an employer ID number to apply for an NDIS worker screening check; if you apply without it, your application will be rejected.

  2. Identification: You will need to identify yourself by submitting documents and forms of identification.

  3. Payment: The application fee needs to be paid, you will have to make the payment with credit or debit card, and if you intend to submit your application in person, there are other payment options available as well.

  4. A Smartphone With Camera: Depending on where you are applying from, you might need to provide a photo to verify your identity.

  5. Online Account: It depends on the means of application; if you are applying online, you will need to make an account to register yourself.

How Long Does It Take To Process The Application?

The duration of each application varies; some only take a few days, while others might take weeks. A longer duration does not mean that the applicant has a criminal record or that his application will be rejected. Several reasons may cause the delay, for example, having a similar name and date of birth with someone, requiring information from different states, or having a manual collection of information that will take longer in screening. Waiting for your application to process does not come in the way of your work, as you can continue working with pending approval.

What If I Fail The Check?

If you fail to get the NDIS worker screening check, you will be banned from performing any risk-assessed roles, and you won’t be able to apply for another NDIS check for the next five years unless your circumstances change.


The process seems too complicated and lengthy, but if you prepare carefully, it is quite straightforward, which is why it is better to do your homework before you apply for the NDIS check.

If you want to know more about the NDIS worker screening check or anything else regarding NDIS, reach out to us. We provide NDIS support coordination in Melbourne and other services to make the lives of our participants as independent and comfortable as possible.


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