Who Needs A Support Coordinator?

If you have gotten your NDIS plan approved, you might have heard the word support coordinator at your meeting; in case you were wondering what NDIS support coordination does and who needs it, we are here to satisfy your curiosity.

What Is A Support Coordinator?

A support coordinator under NDIS is someone who ensures that you make the most out of your NDIS plan. Simply put, a support coordinator manages the support you are getting and coordinates the services to create the best results. They connect you with all the support and services you need to live your life as independently as possible. Their job is to build a relationship with the participants and tell them about their NDIS plan and funding so they can come up with effective plans. 

A good support coordinator has to be good at communication because he will need to discuss various things with the participant; it is essential for both of them to understand each other, so there are no misunderstandings and only clear communication.

Duties Of A Support Coordinator

A support coordinator has several duties under NDIS, which include;

  1. Help you learn all about NDIA and the support you are getting.

  2. Connecting to all the necessary and reasonable support.

  3. Manage the funding.

  4. Negotiate service agreements.

  5. Make changes in the plan if needed.

  6. Access community and informal activities to help the participant socialise.

  7. Report back to NDIA about your progress.

  8. Show you all the available options for support.

  9. Prepare you for the next plan meeting.

  10. Ensure that you are accessing all the help you are getting.

Do I Need A Support Coordinator?

Understanding your NDIS plan entirely is vital if you want to move towards your goals, but managing your NDIS plan can be pretty overwhelming, and you might need support with it. Every participant needs a support coordinator after getting the plan approved. You will need someone to explain how things work and connect you with different service providers according to your needs. A support coordinator also manages your funding efficiently and guides you about the invoices and how you need to pay them. Having a support coordinator is essential for all NDIS participants as it allows you to reach your goals faster and focus more on the things that are important.


Getting a support coordinator in your NDIS is not difficult, and it helps everyone, but if you are eligible for this support now, it doesn’t mean that you will need it in the future as well. One of the duties of a support coordinator is to make sure that participants become aware and eligible to manage the support and funds by themselves. You might need a support coordinator now, but a few months along the line, you might be sufficient enough not to need a support coordinator. All plans under NDIS are created by case-by-case scenarios so that you can request for a support coordinator in your NDIA plan meeting; even if you don’t make a request yourself, you can still be provided a support coordinator if it is found necessary and reasonable for your well-being. 

Where Do I Find A Support Coordinator?

After you get the funding approved for a support coordinator, NDIS asks you to nominate someone for the NDIS support coordination. If you have someone in mind, you can nominate the person and get him as your support coordinator, but if you don’t have anyone, then NDIS will provide you with a list of local support coordinators in your area. You can explore them and see how many of them have vacancies and what suits your needs the best.

If you also want to make the most of your NDIS plan, our experienced support coordinators can guide you along the way and make sure that you reach your goal in the most effective and convenient way possible.

To know more about why you need NDIS support coordination or anything regarding the NDIS program, reach out to Personalised Support Services, and we will assist you to the best of our ability.


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