What is respite care and how can you include it in your NDIS plan?

Respite is when you are not in your regular life arrangements, you could be staying with family, friends, or housemates. Respite is an option that is available for a few hours or even a few weeks.

Taking a break can be an excellent method to build your independence, establish connections, try new activities, and have time away from those you live with. This is particularly relevant for people with disabilities who often live with parents longer than people with no disabilities. It’s not an easy journey to transition from your childhood home to living independently, and often respite can be used as a stepping stone to assist you in making change.

Respite has benefits for all people including carers and participants. The NDIS will only fund reasonable and necessary services for people with disabilities. So, to receive respite funds, it must be something that will benefit the NDIS participant

This means that NDIS respite care like home respite, centre-based night respite, or day respite , can be paid for in a plan, provided you’re eligible.

Short Term Accommodation

Short-Term Accommodation (STA), which includes NDIS respite care, is a form of support when you do not have access to your home for a brief period. The NDIS will cover up to 28 days of STA each year when you have this option included as part of your plan. This type of assistance is often used to cover short-term periods of up to 14 consecutive days at a time. If you require longer-term plans, alternative options such as Supported Independent Living might be considered.

Short-Term Accommodation provides:

  • Personal Care
  • Accommodation
  • Food preparation
  • Activities you and the service provider agree upon

The NDIS doesn’t provide STA when you are searching for accommodation while waiting for home improvements to be made.

For more information on STA, see “Short Term Accommodation and Assistance (including the provision of respite care)” in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits guide.

Host Living Arrangements

The host living arrangement is a type of support in which you may choose to reside within the house of a friend or family member.

A host can provide assistance with your disability and household assistance, emotional support, and a supportive family environment in exchange for a certain amount of reimbursement or payment funded through the NDIS plan. It is also referred to as Individualised Living Options (ILO).

The “Individualised Living Options” in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits guide may be a useful resource to view.

Supports to Participate in Community-Based Activities

Recreation and social activities are a part of daily life. They are enjoyable ways to maintain your health and well-being, build your independence and socialise with new people.

The NDIS will provide you with the additional assistance you require to participate in programs like learning and lifestyle programs, supported employment and assistance in your community, through a process known as the Temporary Transform Payment (TTP).

You might already have funds from the Core budget of your plan. If so, referring to the Assistance with Social, Economic, and Community Participation sections in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits guide may be helpful.

How do you meet your goals and obtain respite care within your NDIS Plan?

After you’ve obtained funding for respite care in your NDIS plan and have read your selection of options, the next step is to consider the best option for you and if you would like respite or respite care.

Being prepared for your NDIS plan and Plan Review meeting will help ensure you have enough money for all the services you require. It will also help you determine what support can help you reach your NDIS objectives.

Therefore, the kinds of goals you could pursue might include:

  • Moving out of home
  • Building new friendships
  • Keeping close relationships with family members

Choose Personalised Support Services!

At PSS, we’re dedicated to providing you with supports and services that are tailored to your NDIS plan. We want to assist you in achieving the goals you’ve set out in your plan.

We are an NDIS-registered provider who is dedicated to providing specialised and individualised care to each of our clients. We collaborate with you to ensure that you have the highest possible quality of life. Contact us today and let us help you reach your goals!


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