Understanding The Assistance With Daily Life NDIS Budget

Every NDIS Plan has 3 support budgets and across them 15 different support categories. It can be overwhelming when navigating between these categories. Every NDIS participant has different needs, so each category will serve them differently. We are going to discuss the Core Support and Capacity Building Support budgets, and their support categories. 

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What is Assistance with Daily Life?

People with disabilities can have difficulty completing their day-to-day activities. NDIS needs for assistance in daily life can vary. Assistance with daily living includes several tasks, from cleaning, dressing, showering, and eating, to going to a weekly community event. Assistance with these tasks can fall under Core support or Capacity Building support.

Assistance Under Core Support

The funding under this budget of NDIS includes the cost of assistance with daily tasks like bathing, taking medicines, managing appointments, drinking, dressing, etc. This budget also covers the cost of everyday consumables; you can purchase the items you use daily with this budget. The last thing this budget allows for is participation in recreational activities. Partaking in community activities helps you to socialise more and can be very enjoyable.

Assistance Under Capacity Building Support

While Core support works more on domestic support, Capacity Building support helps you in increasing your skills and independence. This budget allows you to get a support coordinator who can manage your NDIS plan and give valuable advice to improve your independence; you can also find a job with the help of this budget and improve your health by exercising physiology and physical training. Fund under this category also helps you in enhanced learning and long-term accommodation.

What Are NDIS Consumables?

Consumables are referred to the items that are used for daily activities to help you live as independently as possible. This expense comes under the Core support category so that you can pay for those items with the funds provided by NDIS. These products may include nutrition supplements, care products, disposable pads, pants, etc. It covers a wide variety of things and everyone has different needs for different products; hence the budget for this is flexible, so you can easily pay for what you need. Higher-level assistive technology does not fall under the category of consumables and cannot be purchased with Core support.

What Doesn’t NDIS Cover?

While NDIS covers a lot of things, there are also some that your NDIS budget can’t be used for;

  1. You cannot use your NDIS fund for food or prepared meals; NDIS only pays for the preparation and delivery.
  2. You cannot buy cleaning supplies or anything that isn’t related to your disability, like cosmetics and toiletries, with your NDIS budget.
  3. NDIS will not pay for the tickets to movies, concerts, and anywhere you want to go to have fun.
  4. It also doesn’t cover your expenses of rent and mortgage. You need to pay your rent yourself wherever you live.

How Can I Include Assistance With Daily Life Funding In My Plan?

If you think you need assistance with your daily life activities, you can request this at your NDIA plan meeting. NDIS will then assess your request and give the permit it is considered necessary and reasonable for you. Having met this requirement of NDIS is essential because they won’t approve of anything that won’t help you in reaching your goals. It is another why you should think hard about your plan and attend the planning meeting so you can get your point across.

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