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Your interest first, what you need and the best for you, no bias. We can help you maximise your NDIS plan and coordinate the support you need.

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Why choose Personalised Support Services

Our coordinators can connect you with any services and assist you with applying and understanding your NDIS plan. With a personalised schedule, you can be sure that no matter what your goals are, our highly skilled and experienced Support Coordinators will help simplify the process.

We actually listen to you

Even all the little details, we care and we think it matters because that is important to you. We will be patient with you and won't rush you.

Culturally diverse team

We understand the cultural barriers, your specific needs and can speak English, Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Mandarin and more.

More attention on you

Unlike other providers, our Support Coordinators are not overloaded with participants. You will receive the individualised attention you deserve.

Hear it from our team

“If you are not compassionate, you shouldn’t be in this industry. There is no point if you are not placing your clients interest first.” - Seelai, Personalised Support Services' Support Coordinator.

Support Coordination done the right way

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Individuals with disability and support workers talk about goals, family, and why PSS is right for them. Discover why PSS is the right choice for you!

Our partcipants and their families testimonials

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I was so pleased to see Siobhan feel so comfortable at the short term accommodation. The support worker with her was bright and attentive, and she made an effort to build a positive relationship with Siobhan, even though it was a new environment for her. The accommodation really helped out while I was occupied moving all of our things to our new home. I can't thank Personalised Support Services enough.
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We've been searching around for providers in melbourne for some time now and decided to give these guys a go. Love the service we're receiving for our daughter. They are always looking for ways to improve the support, care, and safety of clients. Very attentive and professional staff.
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I have a physical disability which prevents me from travelling to far away places. I really appreciate how the staff at Dandenong were willing to travel to me and help me with daily tasks, day in and day out.
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PSS took the time and care to see me for the person that I wanted to be. I was accepted with open arms. I could open myself up to be vulnerable which I had never done before, and everyone from PSS would sincerely listen to what I shared. I got so much love, care and support from all the amazing people who work for PSS. My favourite activity that we do weekly, is meeting new people like me and together sharing parts of our lives. With the help and care of PSS, I'm moving forward because PSS gave me the opportunity and the experience to recognise myself.

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