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Adding to your ability with support coordination

Personalised Support Services offers support coordination to assist all the participants, their families, friends, and support network in maximising the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s benefits. 

It is beneficial in understanding and implementing the NDIS plan for the participants. Our experienced team will help you find the right service providers that will fulfil your needs to your satisfaction. Also, all support coordination is vital, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports. We assure you of the service of the highest quality standards. 

Personalised Support Services work with you and your support network by assisting you in exploring the various alternatives available within your NDIS plan. It strengthens your network and the community. Furthermore, it also serves as the resolution point of crisis and builds informal supports for you. 

The support coordination team of Personalised Support Services works towards building your capacity to accomplish tasks associated with your support management. Your NDIS plan specifies the type of support coordination that you are funded for. 

The three support levels in support coordination are:

  1. Short term assistance: This support coordination for implementing your NDIS plan includes identifying various service providers and negotiating the service agreements with them. 
  2. Long term assistance: It works for building your capacity for navigating the complexity of services and offers you support from different service providers. 
  3. Specialist support coordination: when the requirements of the participant are involved, or such a situation arises, specialist support coordination is needed. 

Personalised Support Services will assist you with

  • Getting the best supports keeping your specific requirements in mind. We will connect you with the vast network of national and local service providers. 
  • Working alongside you, we will help you grasp the minutest details of the NDIS plan. You will be explained its coverage, bringing it to life and maximising its benefits. 
  • We help you with keeping track of the progress of your NDIS plan. Furthermore, we prepare you thoroughly when its time for the annual plan review. 
  • Throughout your NDIS journey, we are always available with our expertise and experience to help you sort any issues with the service providers. 
  • Help you build your capacity over time with the right kind of support that meets your individual needs throughout your NDIS journey. 
  • Source suitable accommodation types for you along with the respite options, especially when you need it the most. 
  • We help you find the job that’s right for you and ensure that you fulfil your expectations satisfactorily. 
  • Helping you plan and explore options for times of crucial life transitions that may be leaving school or moving home. 
  • Sufficient coordination of the assessments, reports and health specialists. 
  • Timely monitoring of the NDIS plan outcomes and expenditure and reporting it back to the NDIA. 

Personalised Support Services has a team of support specialists experienced with complex scenarios and early intervention supports. We help by bringing your plan to life based on what’s best for you and not convenient for the service providers.

About Us

Personalised Support Services, as a leading provider of disability support services, we empower the individuals by helping them reach their potential with the support that lets them live the life they choose.


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