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Find an escape from bustling cityscapes and transport yourself to a cozy resort with lush greenery.

Situated in a secluded pocket of Melbourne suburbia, guests can easily access shops and parks while residing in a perfectly private and modern space.



Features: Cinema Room, Music Room, WiFi, Entertainment and Much More.

Escape to Paradise on Earth to Our Spectacular New Respite Property for Your Ultimate Relaxation and Rejuvenation. Unwind and Indulge: Experience the Ultimate Getaway!

NDIS Respite Accommodation in Melbourne

Our NDIS Respite Accommodation in Melbourne program offers a comfortable and relaxing environment for people with disabilities. It is a home away from home where specially-abled people can stay and enjoy for a weekend or several weeks. These well-equipped accommodations are the perfect place to de-stress while being taken care of by expert professionals.

At these accommodations, you can try new things, meet new people, and develop new skills over the weekend. Apart from the food and accommodation, you can enjoy personal care from our experienced caregivers. As a part of the program, your caregiver can also come along and stay with you for the duration. Our team is always available to provide individualised assistance during your stay.

The resort-like accommodations are situated in the Melbourne suburbia and come with lush greenery and easy access to shops and parks. You also get to unwind and rejuvenate on the tranquil patio and backyard that come with the accommodation.

Benefits of Short Term Accommodation under NDIS

NDIS funding allows you to get short term accommodation (STA) from NDIS-registered disability support providers. If you are an NDIS participant, you can enjoy the following benefits in a short term accommodation NDIS Melbourne program:
  • A Much-Needed Break

It’s a great opportunity to take a break from your daily routines, explore a new place, and meet new people. This may help you discover new passions and create memories.
  • Respite for Families

These accommodations allow family members to rest, rejuvenate, and take care of their own well-being. It allows families to take a break from their caregiving responsibilities.
  • Personalised Accommodation

STAs come with a comprehensive range of services to fulfil the various needs and preferences of NDIS participants. You can get maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • Safety and Accessibility

The safety and security of the NDIS participants are the highest priority of these accommodations. They are also designed for easy access to various facilities.
  • A Variety Activities

You get to engage in various fulfilling activities at the STAs. They all are personalised according to your interests and encourage social interaction and personal growth.
  • Professional Support

All NDIS-registered STAs have a team of experts who can provide any kind of assistance you may need during your stay. Their goal is to ensure you have a pleasant experience.
  • Community Involvement

These accommodations are generally located near community centres and amenities, allowing you to participate in various outdoor adventures, skill-building activities, and more.

See something new, refresh your mind & recharge

Disabilities require both participants and their carers to manage on a full time basis. Taking the time to reset and relax at our fully equipped and carefully prepared NDIS Supported Accommodations is an important step for your current and future wellbeing. Available for STA and MTA.

Why choose Personalised Support Services for Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne

The benefits of choosing us for your supported accommodation, respite care or short term accommodation needs.

Fresh views

Immerse yourself in the calm ambiance of nature while residing in a modern and completely equipped home. Our homes will give your eyes, mind and body a refresh.

Secure support

De-stress with the assurance that assistance is readily available and close at hand. Our support staff will provide as much help and independence during your stay as you prefer.

Safe haven

Privacy and safety are non-negotiable fixtures of our homes. Your stay is thoroughly secured for absolute relaxation and to be worry-free.

FAQs about Short Term Accommodation under NDIS

The itinerary is flexible depending on your idea of relaxation. All meals are provided and constant support is available for travelling to and from the home. Fun activities such as lunches, concerts, festivals and sporting games are included too.

Constant support is available to assist with short walks or public transport. During your stay you may also develop your independence and ability to commute. The homes are also equipped with cars and vans that can readily transport you to venues, shops and more.

Our supported accommodation is considerate of all needs and specialised support. They are carefully designed to cater to the highest intensity of support requirements. Our homes are 24/7 staffed, fully accessible, fully furnished and self-contained. Personalised care is provided throughout the day and night.

Your length of stay can vary based on the level of respite you qualify for in your NDIS plan. You may receive up to 28 days per year of respite funding and 90 days of MTA, however how you decide to spread it across the year is completely up to you.

While respite is a form of support with both the carer and participant at the focus, funding provided in the plan can only be used by the participant. NDIS supported accommodation is designed to provide carers a break from carer duties during which they can use for personal activities.

If you are eligible for respite funding, you will be covered for support for self-care, food and activities in addition to the cost of accommodation. Typically the cost of accommodation will be for a group residence.

Hear their stories

Individuals with disability and support workers talk goals, family, and why PSS is right for them.

Hear from our participants and their families
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I was so pleased to see Siobhan feel so comfortable at the short term accommodation. The support worker with her was bright and attentive, and she made an effort to build a positive relationship with Siobhan, even though it was a new environment for her. The accommodation really helped out while I was occupied moving all of our things to our new home. I can't thank Personalised Support Services enough.
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We've been searching around for providers in melbourne for some time now and decided to give these guys a go. Love the service we're receiving for our daughter. They are always looking for ways to improve the support, care, and safety of clients. Very attentive and professional staff.
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I have a physical disability which prevents me from travelling to far away places. I really appreciate how the staff at Dandenong were willing to travel to me and help me with daily tasks, day in and day out.
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PSS took the time and care to see me for the person that I wanted to be. I was accepted with open arms. I could open myself up to be vulnerable which I had never done before, and everyone from PSS would sincerely listen to what I shared. I got so much love, care and support from all the amazing people who work for PSS. My favourite activity that we do weekly, is meeting new people like me and together sharing parts of our lives. With the help and care of PSS, I'm moving forward because PSS gave me the opportunity and the experience to recognise myself.
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