Innovative Community Participation

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It is designed to support NDIS participants to strengthen skills to participate in the community actively. The program involves highly skilled community engagement workers who help participants expand their opportunities for community participation and possible participation.

We at Personalised Support Services adopt a capacity building, community-based approach. We do so by working with the participants to increase their chances of uptake and successful transition away from the service to informal support and employment.

Like typical community participation, it has multiple benefits for the participants. You can use your NDIS funding to attend, and in few supports from Personalised Support Services, no funding is required. It is an excellent opportunity for the participants to make new connections, communicate, socialise and receive supports through activities, events and programs specially designed for you.

Importance of innovative community participation

First and foremost, it gives the participants a sense of belonging and improves their well-being as they can feel accepted. It connects them to the people and the community, leading to a positive impact on different aspects of their lives. From education, employment to health and satisfaction, each of these is a priority for us at Personalised Support Services. We are continually running programs like these to help the participants.

A vital support

There are numerous ways for how innovative community participation can help the participants:

  • Increase your capacity and meet your basic needs through our food relief programs
  • Develop new skills or enhance your existing ones for more independence in your life
  • Create a network of friends and grab opportunities to socialise and make connections.
  • Network and discover new opportunities that you can get involved in
  • Increase your independence and ability to look after yourself.

Personalised Support Services offer support in cooking classes to learn new recipes and gain new experiences every day. It can be accessed through the NDIS funding.

Accessing this support

You can access this support from us if your NDIS plan has the capacity-building funding for “Increased social and community participation.” It is flexible and meets your needs in the best possible way.

You can inform your support coordinator and support worker if you are interested in availing this support.

If you feel that Innovative Community Participation will benefit you then feel free to call us.

Build your self-awarenesst

We help you build your self-awareness by understanding how social systems relate to disability and your need for independence to promote self-worth and confidence. 

Social engagement, community participation and relationships can contribute significantly to your well-being.

Explore employment opportunities

Begin by identifying your skills and interests in the context of employment opportunities. You can then avail of opportunities for training, upskilling and employment.

Build on your social skills

Develop an awareness of social norms and foster social competency as you socialise to create your own support network. It can enable you to access community assistance post phasing out of formal support at a later stage.