Core Support

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What are these?

These are the participant’s main support category. These supports are meant to assist you with everyday activities and access, participate in the community. Core support category is flexible, and the funding can be used across any of the support items and services as specified in the core budget.

It deals with the basic things that the participants require in their daily life.

Our team at Personalised Support Services not help you with your daily life but also help you maximise your NDIS plan through the following support categories.

NDIS also provides access to information and connections for the participants in the form of doctors, support groups, clubs etc. and information related to the support available through state and territory governments. 

NDIS has the objective of bringing choice and control to the lives of the participants. It does so through the support it provides and ensures that the participants continue to receive the support over their lifetime. Early intervention is also a top priority here in instances where early support can minimise the impact of disability on the participants. 

Category 1: Assistance with daily living

The aim here is to make the participant gain as much independence as possible. It gives you access to funds for the support that helps you prepare your meals, gardening, home cleaning, maintenance, showering, dressing and personal hygiene. It also funds respite care. 

Category 2: Transport allowance

If your disability makes it impossible to use public transport, this funding is available to you. It helps you with covering the cost of suitable transportation. It is beneficial when you step outside your home. 

Here either you are being paid directly, or the NDIA or your Plan Manager will pay the transport provider. It is in advance on a monthly or fortnightly basis. 

You can reach out to us to know more. 

Category 3: Consumables

Consumables include all the supplies you may need daily and those that arise due to your disability. The items that are covered in this category are exhaustive. It contains items classified as ‘off the shelf’ like nutrition products, dressing aids, colostomy bags and more. It also has low-cost assistive equipment that is small and low risk. It may be sensory equipment, walker, kettles, modified cutlery, tablets, paid apps, phones etc. 

In this category, even the cost involved in keeping an assistance dog is covered like grooming services and pet insurance. Similarly, the services of an interpreter are also covered. An occupational therapist determines the genuine requirements of the participant. 

Category 4: Assistance with social and community participation

It caters to the support needed for you to participate in social, recreational and community-based activities. However, it will not include the cost of the actual activity. The activity may be funded in the category ‘Increased social and community participation.’ 

Therefore, if you plan to watch a movie, a concert or a sporting event, the cost of entry tickets will be borne by you, but the expenses of getting a support worker for this purpose will be funded. 

Core Supports that you will be eligible for

The Core Supports will generally depend on your present disability situation and how the supports will take you closer to life goals. For instance, if your goal is to gain employment and need a support worker’s services to attain this goal, you may access the Core Support. 

Making the most of the Core budget

At Personalised Support Services, we assure you of the maximisation of your Core Support budget. We will keep you informed of the funding availability, along with ensuring effective use of funds. In instances where you overspend or underspend, the Plan Manager from our team will help you bring your financials back on the track.