Personal Care And NDIS: Get Your Daily Support

What Is NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is a disability support program started by the Australian government to help people with any significant or permanent impairment. This program is designed to support the participants in building independent lives so they can achieve their goals and lead regular everyday lives without any dependency. NDIS provides a wide range of support services to its participants that allow them to function without any help. Funds are provided under this support to make the support accessible for the participants, and they are able to make the most of this facility.

Personal Care

Personal care and assistance with daily living are one of the services that NDIS provides its participants. Service providers help you find the right support worker who assists you in your routine tasks. You can get this assistance with your household chores as well as personal care, including toileting, dressing, showering, etc. Support workers under NDIS are all professional people who are trained to assist you in these activities so that you can feel comfortable around them.

How Is Daily Support Funded?

NDIS allows funding in three different categories. Since there is a variety of services funded under NDIS, it is important to understand the purpose of each support and the different types of budget to help you get the hang of it.

Personal care and daily support are funded in the first budget category, which is Core Support. This budget is designed to help people get assistance with their daily activities, so they can become more independent and self-reliant when it comes to their routine.

Personalised Support Services provides assistance with NDIS Core Support in Dandenong. We have connections with trustable support workers who will ensure that you get the best daily support possible.

How Can I Get Daily Support In My NDIS Plan?

Once you register yourself as an NDIS participant, a meeting will be conducted by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to establish the support and funds you’ll need to reach your goals. You can discuss your needs with the Agency in that meeting and request the support you consider essential for your condition. However, you will also need to justify your request by giving them a valid reason because NDIS does not fund anything unrelated to your condition and goals. If you are successful in proving that the requested support will bring you closer to your goal, NDIA will approve the funding for it.

Similarly, you can request access to daily support in your NDIS plan if the Agency hasn’t already included it. You can then contact a service provider that is best suited to your needs and look for a trustable support worker who will provide you with the necessary daily support.

How Can I Get The Right Support Worker?

Getting the right support worker to assist you in your routine activities is essential. Service providers have connections with many support workers, so it allows you to pick the personnel of your choice. You should consider some things before hiring a support worker for daily support.
  • Interview as many candidates as you can to be sure.
  • You must ask all the important questions about their qualification and experience in the field.
  • Check references to see whether they’re trustworthy or not.
  • See if they have expertise with your condition.
  • Check whether they have flexible timings or not.
  • See if they practise compliance or not.
  • Get a service agreement done to sort out the expectations.

Need Help With Daily Support?

Hiring a support worker to access all the services can be daunting, especially for new participants. Personalised Support Services offers you professional assistance while looking for the right support.

If you want to know more about NDIS Core Support in Dandenong, feel free to contact us, and we’ll ensure that you get the answers to all your questions.


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