Learn Which NDIS Support Services Are Available To You

Not knowing all the services that NDIS provides is only natural as there are so many of them. You can take your time with your research so you know exactly what benefits you can get and what are all the services that NDIS provides. It will help you set your goals accordingly and make an even more effective NDIS plan.

The more you know about the functionality of NDIS, the better discussion you can have with the providers. You can ask them questions that people don’t usually ask because of a lack of knowledge, and you can also choose a better provider for yourself. Understanding all the areas of support NDIS offers can only be beneficial for you as the NDIS providers can also guide you through the process easily.

Personalised Support Services is a registered NDIS disability provider in Dandenong; you can ask your question to their professional team of healthcare providers and let them guide you all about NDIS.

What Support Does NDIS Provide?

All the fundings under NDIS are divided into three categories that fulfil your necessary and reasonable requirements. These categories are;

  1. Core Support: This category includes support for daily life activities like cleaning, dressing, recreational activities, etc. You can get a service provider to supervise your daily tasks or you can also have him do it if you are not able to do it yourself.
  2. Capital Support: This category offers support with assistive technology and home modifications as per the participant’s needs, like wheelchairs or other technology he might need.
  3. Capacity Building Support: This includes all the activities that will help the participant in improving his skills, like recreational and community activities.


NDIS provides the following 15 support services under these categories; this includes all the things that your NDIS funding can pay for;

  1. Assistance with daily life
  2. Consumables
  3. Transportation
  4. Assistive technology
  5. Home modifications
  6. Assistance with social participation
  7. Increased community participation
  8. Coordination of supports
  9. Improved living
  10. Improved health
  11. Improved relationships
  12. Improved learning
  13. Improved daily living
  14. Finding and keeping the job
  15. Improved life choices


You can get all these services under NDIS but keep in mind that NDIS doesn’t allow funding for something not related to your disability. They will go through your request and only allow the things that will help you reach your goals. Make sure you do an intelligent assessment of your needs within these categories.

How Can I Use The Budgets?

NDIS provides you with the funds in each category and allows you to spend them on your required items, but there are some rules to it. Your budget for Core support allows you to get a provider to help you with daily tasks, and it is the most flexible budget under NDIS. If you want to spend it on any of the other categories, you are allowed to do that. However, it is not the case with the other two budgets. Capital and Capacity Building support does not allow you to spend their budget on another category. Capital support is used for assistive technology and home modifications, while Capacity Building support is to improve your skills, and these two are strict to be used for their specific purposes.

What Happens After Your Plan Is Approved?

After your requests get approved, and you get access to your NDIS plan, you first need to find a trustable service provider who can understand your plan and explain it to you. Understanding the NDIS plan can be challenging, and you might need professional help for this task. Once you understand your plan well, you can start implementing and enjoy all the funding and support you are getting from NDIS.

To know more in detail about the support services that NDIS offers you, reach out to Personalised Support Services. They are NDIS disability providers in Dandenong, and their team of professional service providers will help you understand all about NDIS.


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