How To Promote Independent Living Skills Among NDIS Participants?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a support program started by the Australian government to help people with significant or permanent disabilities receive the reasonable and necessary support they need to lead independent lives. NDIS aims to promote independent living among its participants, and they fund the support their participants need to reach their individual life goals. But how do they do that?

Some things are easier said than done, and we have often heard that NDIS supports participants in building an independent life, but one might wonder how exactly they do that. We are here to answer this question.

We Do Not Control

It is in the nature of humans to want to protect and nurture something that is important to them however sometimes less protection can be more supportive of growth . If you have been in the care of your family or friends, you might have experienced that, but that is not what we do at Personalised Support Services.

Our support workers care for you, but only where support is needed. You can make your decisions on your own, and our support workers can guide you; they give advice on what they think is good for the participants, but respect you making the last call. You are fully in charge of your decisions.

We Build A Trusted Relationship

We know that participants can only open up to workers when they have trust in their relationship. Hence, our employees are compassionate and trustworthy individuals. They know that communication is the key to having a transparent relationship with their participants, which is why they try to get the participants involved and explain every detail of their treatment without missing anything. Participants can also talk to them about anything without fearing judgement.

We Start Slow

Slow progress does not mean there is something wrong. We start encouraging our participants to do small daily tasks on their own. Participants who have been in the care of their families have been in a highly nurturing environment, which might make it even harder for them to perform trivial tasks. Taking things slow and having them perform small tasks like getting out of bed can give them a sense of achievement which will motivate them to do better the next day.

Community Activities

Socialising can help develop more independence, and it is no different for NDIS participants. Most of the time, participants spend their days in their homes which is not good for their health. Going out and meeting new people can create new experiences and inspire hobbies they can try in their own time. Socialising can help them recognise their strengths and weaknesses, and making new friends will motivate them to go out more often.

We Present Options

Everyone deserves options in everything in life, and we present those options to the participants. NDIS funds participants for community activities, employment, education, and many other things. It is the participant’s choice to choose how they want to spend their time. They can work for money, or they can volunteer; the choice is theirs, and our support workers help them carry out that choice.

Daily Rituals And Habits

Our support workers can help the participants build habits and rituals for their routine, which will improve their living skills. If the participants continue to follow their rituals, they will be able to do it themselves after practice, which is exactly what we aim to do.

We Are Here To Help

NDIS provides a variety of support to its participants, and understanding the NDIS plan can be tough. You might need service providers to help you meet your goals before your next plan review meeting.

Personalised Support Services provides support funded by NDIS in Dandenong. We have professional and experienced support workers who are dedicated to serving the participants. If you are looking for services related to NDIS in Dandenong, contact us, and our support workers will help you build your independent life.


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