How Personalised Support Services help children with disabilities

Living life with a disability can be challenging. Unique support, services and assistive devices help people with disabilities to lead their lives more easily and independently. It is important to note that the right support depends on the disability, the type of support needed by the person and the goals they want to pursue.

At PSS, we strive to support you to achieve your life goals and lead your life with independence. No matter what type of disability you have, our objective is to fulfil your needs and requirements.

Our services are comprehensive and well-researched to ensure we offer helpful disability support. We understand that navigating the NDIS can be overwhelming, so with our expertise we aim to make you feel reassured and comfortable as you learn about your plan, and achieve your life goals. We are committed to bringing a positive impact in the lives of our participants.

NDIS Goals for Children

Your child’s life goals are at the heart of their NDIS plan, so setting accurate goals is a primary objective of initial NDIS planning meetings.

When considering your child’s NDIS goals, begin with what you know about your child’s daily life challenges and targets. Also consider your child’s interests as this is an essential aspect of their life. For example, if your child likes playing board games, a suitable NDIS goal would be to make friends with people who have similar interests.

You can also think in broader terms such as your expectations for your child. For example, what do you expect your child will be capable of doing by the end of primary school or the end of secondary school?

What Services Support Your Child's NDIS Goal?

Your child’s NDIS plan can contain funding to sustain your child’s advancement towards some or all of their life or daily goals. Your child’s plan informs which PSS services are suitable based on your child’s goals. So as you are considering your child’s goals, it’s necessary to think about what supports can help your child reach these goals. Example goals may be:

  • If your child’s goal is to feed themselves, you can ask for funds to support your child in learning this skill eg. physiotherapy or occupational therapy.
  • If your child’s goal is to widen their skillset, you could ask for funds to support your child’s development of social skills.
  • If your child’s goal is to regularly participate in meetings or other activities for which they need to commute via car, and your child’s wheelchair doesn’t fit in your car, you could ask for funding for a slim-line chair or modifications to your vehicle.
  • If your child’s goal is to interact more easily with family and society, you could request funding towards this.
  • If your child’s goal is to improve their independence in society, you could ask for funding for a support worker to support your child to take part in group activities.

How PSS Can Help

An NDIS plan is a documented agreement between you and your child. It describes the services desired for your child’s plan and the funding required for them. All children with disability or developmental delays require support to develop and thrive, but each requires different things to achieve their individual goals. This means that you and the NDIS will work together to create a plan tailored to your child’s requirements and possibilities.

If you, your child, or your loved ones face challenges due to disabilities, PSS (Personalised Support Services) can assist them by providing helpful support and services. For more detail on how we can support you, visit our website and be a part of our community.


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