How NDIS Providers Care For You

What Is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a disability support program that is designed to help people with a significant or permanent impairment lead independent lives. It provides a wide range of support and funds to help the participants access all the necessary support. It helps them in reaching their goals and allows them to live as independently as possible.

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Who Are Service Providers?

After the participant gets registered under NDIS, it is important to have service providers help them understand their plan. It can be bewildering for new participants to understand and manage their NDIS plan as efficiently as they might need professional support. Service providers are people who have worked with NDIS for several years and have significant experience that enables them to help the participants in managing their plans.

They are responsible for connecting you with the right support workers and delivering all the services funded in your NDIS plan. A good service provider should have connections so they can provide you with many options. They are supposed to present multiple options so you can choose the best support for you.

There are also two types of service providers; registered and non-registered.
Registered Providers: They are the professionals who have gone through the screening process for NDIS. They get audits and are registered under the Commission, which allows them to offer additional services to the participants.

Non-Registered Providers: They are the professionals who choose not to go through the screening process for some reason. Being a non-registered provider doesn’t make them untrustable. They can offer most of the services and are supposed to comply with the guidelines and regulations set by the Commission.

You can choose either of the types but make sure you know what services each service provider offers because there are some services that you can only get if you have a registered service provider.

Here are some things a good service provider must have to provide you with the best care.

Experienced Employees

Having professional and qualified support workers to provide NDIS support is a given. Any service provider that has experienced employees to serve you can promise good-quality services. So make sure you check the qualification and experience of their support worker before hiring a service provider.

Good Customer Service

Customer service is always a make-or-break thing in any business, and it is the same with NDIS. You cannot hire a service provider that doesn’t have a dependable feedback-handling process. You might have complaints regarding the staff and services, and a good service provider will ensure that you get the solution to those problems.

Trustable Services

You cannot get better and move towards your goal if you are not satisfied with the services you are receiving, and a good service provider is always aware of this. They make sure that the service you are receiving is of high quality and that you are slowly moving towards your goals.

Good Relationship

Communication is the way to make any relationship successful. A good service provider maintains effective communication with you. They listen to your concerns and the type of support you want, and they are clear with their words so you can easily understand them. One of their responsibilities is to help you understand your NDIS plan, and they cannot do it without maintaining good and clear communication with you. They are always available to answer your questions, and don’t hesitate to cater to your concerns.


Finding the right service provider for you is difficult when there are so many options available. We provide the best quality NDIS services at Personalised Support Services, and our support workers make sure that you get value for your money.

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