2 Benefits Of Having A Vacation

People love to go on vacations and earn a day off when things are overwhelming or boring. The change in scenery allows them to gain perspective and recover the energy they had. Vacations are a great way to let loose and enjoy life. The NDIS offers this through Short Term Accommodation which allows participants to move away for a limited period of time. It is important to understand how you can receive this program under your plan and how it may help you in the future. 

Personalised Support Services, your provider of NDIS respite care in Melbourne, are here to make sure you are well taken care of. With their skills and expertise, you can see a newer change in yourself and your lifestyle.

What Is The NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps and provides assistance to those who face physical and mental vulnerabilities. The NDIS wishes to help people of all types and backgrounds to become better and wiser people through the scheme. It is important to understand how the NDIS operates. 

Through a number of assessments and planning, the scheme offers participants who struggle with their conditions a way to successfully manage their symptoms. They offer people professional help and resources to fight against their odds and arise as influential individuals. With the proper help and support, participants can see a better life.

Short Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation is a housing option launched by the NDIS to help people live better lives. This particular program consists of moving away from your usual home or place and going to another safe accommodation where you can stay for a total of 14 days. People usually do this if they want a change of scenery or want to experience new things. 

NDIS participants have the chance to have their carer or family member with them during this time away from their homes. Therefore, people can experience different things and have a good time. They can relax and enjoy the amenities provided by the NDIS. Keep reading to understand how this can help participants.

Benefits Of Short Term Accommodation

Develops New Skills:

The Short Term Accommodation gives you the chance to become better people through the scheme. It is essential to understand how the NDIS provides you with different opportunities to have a better personality and more capabilities throughout your journey with them. Short Term Accommodation consists of participants entering new programs and enjoying various activities to improve their confidence and independence.

Community Programs:

The NDIS wants you to enjoy your vacation, and this gives you the chance to participate in social and community programs. These events are filled with joy and happiness. They consist of various activities, trips, and people that you can interact with. Community programs are one of the best ways to improve your confidence and independence with the NDIS. You must be able to choose your favourite activities and develop your self-esteem as a result. You may even make a few friends that will keep you company throughout your 14-day stay.

We Are Here To Help!

Your comfort is our top priority! Personalised Support Services, your provider of NDIS respite care in Melbourne, are here to help by providing disability support. We are ecstatic to serve people of different backgrounds and types. We are fully equipped and experienced to help you out with your problems. As credible NDIS providers, Personalised Support Services is eager to make your life easier. There are a wide array of services we offer:

  • Core Support
  • Household Tasks
  • Group Activities
  • Innovative Community Participation
  • Support Coordination
  • Supported Accommodation

For more information, visit our website or contact us.


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